Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another Trip Down to my LCS

I made another trip to my LCS after work yesterday and was able to walk away with some awesome new PC additions. 

Matt, the owner, has been trying to convince me to buy a spot in a baseball box break this weekend at a card show type event at one of the mall's in town. I am always interested in new cards, but $40 for a spot is a price I wasn't willing to spend. He said he is opening up a few boxes of 2013 Triple Threads, as well as 10 other boxes. $40 bucks is probably more than worth it, but as a full-time college student money is hard to come by. 

He told me he was looking to beef up his cards for the show this weekend and asked if I could bring in commons/relics/autos for him. I don't buy that many cards, but I did have some stuff for him. I took him a 3 inch stack of Yankees, as well as a 3 inch stack of base cards from 2014 S1. I threw in about 15 NBA/NFL autos/relics, and about 150 basketball cards. I don't really have an interest in basketball cards, but they always end up in my hands after Dikran keeps the cards he is interested in after opening a box. Needless to say, I cleared out some space and helped my LCS owner for the show.

He told me over the phone that he would give me some store credit for anything I brought in but my expectations were low. I figured I would be lucky if I got $10 bucks. He took a look through the stuff when I got there last night and ended up giving me $35 bucks in store credit. He put me down for a spot in the break this weekend and told me to bring him some more base cards and Yankees and we'll call it even for the other $5 bucks. So, If you have Yankees from the past 2-3 years you don't want, I'll gladly take them off your hands. 

Anyways, I took a stroll around the shop and ended up digging through some dimeboxes and eventually walked out with a nice little stack of cards. 

Eight new cards for my A-Gon PC. He looks 100% in a Dodgers uni IMO. The card that stands out the most is the brand new 2014 Donruss card on the bottom left. It actually came out yesterday and I was already able to pick up a couple of Dodgers. 

Six new cards for my Big Papi PC. The diamond sparkle cards are pretty snazzy and the UD Masterpieces is wonderful as well.

I also snagged this 2012 Topps Chrome Refractor of Matt Kemp after realizing I did not have any of his 2012 TC cards.

Two new cards for my Andre Ethier PC. The more I look at these diamond sparkle cards, the more I want to chase them all down. They look pretty damn awesome.

I also picked up a new Beltre card to add to the binder. Am I the only one who thinks the card looks cutoff on the right? 

I will never pass up a Ryu card, as the Korean is quickly becoming one of my favorite players. This is the other 2014 Donruss I picked up BTW. 

Kind of a weird pairing for Topps to make here. That is until I realized they are both Jewish. It took me a minute to notice that on the back of the card. I guess I should take a closer look at the back sometimes. I should also get a move on uploading my Koufax PC to the blog. Maybe this weekend.....

I also grabbed these even though they don't really fit into any of my collections. The Piazza on the left doesn't actually come from 1994, it is a reprint from 2011 Topps. The Sellers card was calling my name for some reason. He isn't anything special on or off the field, but it is an aweome card nonetheless. 

In addition to the cards above I was able to grab nine new cards for my Topps TeamSet project. 

The best thing about the entire trip to my LCS is that I didn't spend a dime (except on gas). Matt was gracious enough to let me walk away with these fantabulous cards for nothing. I was also able to secure a spot in his box break this weekend, and I cleared up space in my room by doing so. I won't be able to make it to the break, but hopefully I will have some goodies to show off this weekend. 

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