Monday, February 24, 2014

Andrew Lambo Auto Winner

I decided to hold all of my future contest without Twitter this week, and the number of entries I received were still close to last week's record of 137. There were 108 total entries this week, split between 12 people. Thanks again for entering!

After 11 randomizations, the winner is Caitlin Jennings! The other winners are down below. 

These are the Top 36, which is all I could fit into one picture. 

Caitlin Jennings - Andrew Lambo auto and 5 CC Points
Dodger Penguin - 4 CC Points
Nate Bell- 3 CC Points
cpuJesse - 2 CC Points
Nathan Tuttle - 1 CC Point


On a side note, I will not be running a contest this week. School has picked up and I simply won't have the time. I should be good to go for next Monday though. 

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