Saturday, February 8, 2014

An Update On What I Collect

I collect pretty much anything Dodgers, but the guys below represent who I am currently looking out for. I love autos, relic, and #'d cards, but bases are just as great. Because I only got into the hobby in late 2012, I'd love to get my hands on some Dodger cards prior to 2012. 

I collect anything and everything Dodgers. It doesn't really matter who it is. I will find a place for it, and if I can't I know plenty of Dodger fans that can.


Everyday I run into new cards. Whether it is a new pack or some old cards I found in the garage, I am always searching through cardboard. 

Up to now I have collected primarily Dodgers. But recently I have expanded my collections into primary and secondary collections. I started putting together complete sets. I am on a mission to collect every parallel for the Dodgers from 2013 Topps Chrome. I am trying to put together every Topps Team Set dating back to Topps inception in 1952. 

Even with all of those goals, a lot of cardboard is slipping through my hands with no true landing spot. I have seen a lot of great cards, but decided to trade them away because they didn't fit into my collection. But if I'm the one that decides what to collect, why not collect more?

I will do my best to expand my collection by introducing some new mini collections. 

Blue Bordered Dodgers

Let's face it. This is a Dodgers blog, and I'm a Dodgers fan. My mini collections will revolve primarily around the Dodgers, though not all of them. 

I have a hard time finding Dodger cards that look bad with a blue border. Of course, my experience mainly deals with the more modern cards, but blue borders and Dodgers should go hand in hand. Most blue borders are #'d these days, though Walmart parallels aren't. The Wal-Mart parallels don't really match the Dodger blue, but they get the job done.  

Pimping Dingers

This one will be a little tougher then some of the other mini collections because there is no really way of knowing whether the player hit a homer or not. Beltre appears to have belted one out to left, but then again he could be pissed that he popped it up. If the player looks to be pimping a homer, I want it. I expect a few Puig's for this collection.

Celebrating on the Mound

I'll be honest. Finding a card with the players celebrating on the mound was a little tougher than I thought. A few cards came to my head while writing this, but it seems I put them in a box that I can't locate. #CollectingProblems

I haven't seen to many people go after cards like this, so hopefully I can do something unique.

Dodgers in the Backdrop

Finding example cards for this is hard when I need to find them. I did come up with this one though. Tony Gwynn Jr. looks to have been wiped off the base paths from a double play here. Adding cards with Dodgers that aren't in the spotlight will be a focus for me. 


USA Dodgers

I absolutely love USA Baseball cards. The problem is, most USA cards these days come from kids my age that are no where close to the big leagues. I love prospects as much as the next guy, but I want players I am familiar with. I was debating just collecting USA cards, but that is too broad. I have decided to collect USA Dodgers. Now this doesn't mean I will just collect the USA branded cards with Dodgers on them. If it is a Dodger, current or past, and they have a USA jersey on, I want it. If there is a Dodger with an American flag in the background, I want it. If a card shows a Dodger rocking the ridiculous USA caps from the 4th of July, I want it. 


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