Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Adrian! Adrian!

I hope you read that like Rocky. I have never seen any of the Rocky movies before, but I do know that scene. Weird.

I picked up two new Adrian's in the past week or so, though I cannot remember if they were part of trades or if I bought them. I guess the sheer amount of cards I've began to deal with have taken a toll on the memory.

This is one of my favorite inserts to come from 2013. The diecut job on these particular cards is crazy, but they make good looking cards. The blue outlining really makes this card pop to me. In addition to this Adrian, I have the Kemp diecut as well, though they are the only two Dodgers featured in the set.

This is another new addition for me. Topps made sure to use they same picture so that they wouldn't have too much work to do. They seem to use the same picture for multiple products, something I hope is changed this year. Variety isn't a bad thing Topps! 

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