Saturday, January 25, 2014

Woohoo! Funding for 2014 Topps Series 1

Since I started blogging, I have started selling less and less on eBay. I throw some cards up there with inflated prices, hoping someone may bite, but people usually don't. Now that is completely fine with me, but extra money for cards is always nice. Which brings me to the auction I posted last night....

Such a crappy scan.....
I have had this card in my collection for a few months now. I was hoping he would sign with the Dodgers, but we all know what happened by now. Tanaka now plays for the Evil Empire, which means I had no real desire to keep this card. 

I posted it last night as a one day auction, and the results were good. It ended a few minutes ago, and I am now a cool 25 bucks richer. I guess I will use that money to buy some Series 1 this week, though I may go into impulse mode this weekend and pick an auto up online. Matt Kemp or Nick Offerman perhaps. Though my Parks and Rec card needs may be set for a little while, but more on that tomorrow. 

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