Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trade With Fantastic Catch: Kemp, Kershaw, and Other Dodger Cardboard

I received a package in the mail from Fantastic Catch, another fantastic card blog run by a fantastic guy. We worked out a trade through email a while back and I honestly cannot remember what I sent his way for these fantastic cards. (Fantastic is a word you'll be reading a lot in the post)

Weston, who runs Fantastic Catch, sent over some much needed cards for my Kemp, Kershaw, and Beltre PC's. I really do enjoy receiving cards from the late 2000's period, a time period in which my PC"s are lacking.

Weston sent over five fantastic new Matt Kemp cards my way. I love the Diamond Duos insert with Andre Ethier, if only because of the throwback jersey Dre is wearing. In my annual Dodger game trip in 2011, the Dodgers became the boys in baby blue. I try to forget that game against the Phillies, but I did enjoy watching the awkward Hunter Pence run around.

Weston also threw in five Kershaw cards to help out my PC. I already had the 20/20 3D card, but the other four are brand new to me. I especially enjoy the UD Icons card on the left. I enjoy the designs Upper Deck put out a few years ago, and I let them know on Twitter.
That tweet got me a follow from the card company, something I was pretty happy about. I guess Topps is next on my list.

In addition to the fantastic Kemp and Kershaw cards I received, Weston threw in three more fantastic cards. 

All three of these cards are absolutely beautiful in my eyes. I already mentioned by admiration for the UD Icons cards, but the 2001 Topps Gallery cards are magnificent. Finding Beltre cards in Dodger blue has been a little tough for me, but this is an instant favorite. 

My first trade with with Weston could simply be described as fantastic. I hope to do it again soon!

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