Thursday, January 30, 2014

Topps Chrome Rainbow: Andre Ethier Sepia

I'm slowly but surely picking up the parallels needed to finish up this project. This is another eBay purchase, and was shipped for about five bucks. It was a best offer type of deal and I put an initial offer of $2.50. Considering he was asking $5.00 plus shipping, I figured this was a good start. The seller declined the next day, but didn't send a counter offer. I had best offered so many things during this time that I got confused with what my offers were. Not to mention I was using the eBay app on my phone when I made another offer.....of $1.50. I soon realized that I lowballed the guy even worse, and honestly thought the seller would block me. I've talked to some rude sellers before, but I held out hope he would at least send a counter offer. He did and I was quick to accept. I messaged him about my low offer and apologized, and luckily he said he figured it was a mistake. I'm glad his ego didn't get in the way, otherwise I would still be looking for this sweet card..

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