Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Godfather of Skateboarding

Editors Note: This post comes from Dikran Samarjian. He will occasionally have posts here. If you would like to get in touch with him, you can give him a follow on Twitter @D_Samarjian. Any comments you leave will be forwarded to him as well. Enjoy!

Hey all! By now I’m sure you guys have heard my name here and there around this blog. Yes, at last you are hearing from the man himself, Dikran Samarjian. Alex and I have been best friends for quite some time now, about 7 years. Though I love the guy, at times I want to strangle him for introducing me to this addictive world of cards. I spend hundreds of dollars a month on cards, and within these past two years we have managed to collect enough cardboard to package and distribute as our own product. That, of course, was an exaggeration, but I hope it made you laugh. The bottom line is we have a lot of cards, and I can only imagine what the future has in store for us. I’m sure you’ve noticed how I use “we” and “us”. You see, Alex and I work as a team. He’s the brains of the operation and I, for the most part, am the supplier. Anyways enough of all this background, you guys came here for cards not a love story.

As far as Topps goes, I’m only a fan of their high-end products. I’m more of a Panini guy, only reason being that I’m a basketball fan. Though I do favor Topps' high-end products, I LOVE Allen & Ginter. It’s something about it that really grabs my attention. Besides the simple beauty of the cards, it’s probably the diverse collection they have to offer. From T.V. stars to extreme sports, the Allen & Ginter’s checklist is not something to breeze by. Lately at Target I’ve been seeing a product from Upper Deck called “Goodwin Champions”. I picked it up, took a look at it, and noticed that it was a product similar to Allen & Ginter. Me being the Allen and Ginter fan I am, bought a blaster of Goodwin to see how they compare. First thing I see when I open the box is a FAT pack just sitting there with the others. Of course something was in there, it was way too thick for a decoy. I saved that pack for last. Nothing special out of the other packs, just bases, and by the way the design for 2013 Goodwin is beautiful, they’re great cards. Anyways, I’m finally down to the last pack, I rip it open and slowly reveal the hit (It’s the first time I’m opening the product and I’ve got a hit in my hands, so of course I had to make it epic). As that card is slowly being revealed to my eyes I see a skateboard. I got all jumpy and excited because I am a huge skateboarding fan. So at this point I don’t even care anymore I throw the top card aside to see that I have a Tony Hawk relic card. The godfather of skateboarding. It was a great hit, definitely one to throw in a One Touch and add to the collection.

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