Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some More Vintage Dodgers

If you didn't see my post about the trade with Johnny's Trading Spot yesterday be sure to check it out. He sent me some great vintage cardboard, something my collection was severely lacking before yesterday. 

I've managed to add some more vintage cards today for pretty cheap. When it comes to older cards, I know very little about pricing. I don't subscribe to Beckett so I use eBay as my pricing guide. Though, sometimes I see cards that I just impulse buy without much research.

These cards are an example of an impulse buy. I won one the Maury Wills for something like a buck plus shipping.I then noticed the seller had a ton of other '71 cards listed, so I messaged him to see if he had any other Dodgers. He said I could have the other four cards for a buck each. I obliged and here we are today.

The cards are not in great shape. The Bill Russell seems to be the worst of the five. Though the white spot on the bottom right of the Wills card bugs me way too much. The '71 set is one of the most difficult sets to find higher graded cards due to the black borders. The buyer only charged .79 cents for shipping, but sent the cards inside individual PWE's, in nothing but a zip lock bags. I wasn't very happy, but it doesn't appear the cards were damaged in any way from that frustrating shipping method. 

I dig the set, and hope to come across a fairly priced Garvey in the future. I will also look to improve on the Wills card as well. That white spot really bugs me. 

Five more cards to add to my Topps Team Set Project. I hope to have the 1970 checklist up tonight, so stay tuned. 

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