Monday, January 27, 2014

"New" PC Additions and Some PC Changes

I started collecting baseball cards in 2005. In 2005 my dad was about 10 years removed from collecting himself. He collected for about 8 years, spanning from 1988 to 1995. Of course, he was not a blogger back in those days, therefore he still has every card he ever bought. While we were in the shed last night, we happened upon a large portion of his collection from back in the day. I also stumbled on a box I was very familiar with. 

Now as a 12 year old kid, with very little knowledge about collecting I did not make the best decisions. I only collected the Dodgers back in the day, and threw every thing else in this box. A box with various cards from the mid-2000's simply thrown into the box that stayed where they landed. 

As you can see there are a few football cards mixed in, along with some stuff from the late 90's as well.  AS you can probably guess, the cards inside are not in the best condition. 

Some cards survived this graveyard of cardboard with no damage at all. Others not so much....

I took the time to go through these cards last night, and I am currently in the process of organizing them into stacks that will be much easier to sort. I have cards from every team, with big names like Frank Thomas and Albert Pujols, and smaller names like Noah Lowry and Jeff Cirillo. 

I also managed to find some cards I needed for my various PC's and Topps Team Set Project. 

Two cards from 1982 Topps, albeit in less than perfect condition. Both have dinged corners and can probably be improved upon, but they are good enough for the time being.

I was also able to run across an Andre Ethier card I purchased 7 years ago. I don't know what the card is referring to about 7 triples. I have done some research and cannot find anything about Ethier and triples. I even found the game recap from the game in question, and there is no mention of any triples. Regardless, this is a great card and a welcome addition to my secondary PC binder.

I love adding Beltre cards to my PC. He has more cards out there than any other of my main PC's, yet my card total is lacking. This is a great shot of Beltre, though he is in the drab Mariners away jersey. He had an awful year for Seattle in 2005, only hitting 19 homers while putting up a paltry .303 OBP. He has improved on those numbers every year up until last season, though his defense has always been superb.

I also picked up three new cards of Dodger great, Shawn Green. It is unfortunate none of these cards show him in Dodger blue, but they are welcome additions nonetheless. 

If you haven't noticed, Corey Seager has been removed from the title bar up top. I have been thinking about changing up my main PC's for a little bit, and I think I've finally made up my mind. 

Primary PC's
Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Adrian Beltre
Shawn Green
Hyun-Jin Ryu

Secondary PC's
Yasiel Puig
Corey Seager
David Ortiz
Hanley Ramirez
Andre Ethier
Bryce Harper
Chad Billingsley
Adrian Gonzalez
Jose Fernandez

The lists are in no particular order, so don't think and I'll collect any card from the aforementioned players. I'd like to get my hands on the true rookie cards for each one of these players sometime in 2014, but with the amount of goals I've set for myself it may not happen. 

Going back to the box now, you may get some cards from the team you collect if we ever trade. The cards are not guaranteed to be in the best condition, but I can only hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoy my Dodger cards. 

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