Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My First Look at 2014 Topps Series One

I stopped off at my local Target today and has elated to see a fresh box of 2014 Series One. It is not slated to be released until tomorrow, but I was lucky enough to pick it up a day early. I don't have time to go over every card in I pulled from the blaster, but I'll show off the inserts and the Dodgers. 

As you can see, I only pulled three Dodgers, but my buddy Dikran managed to pull a Hanley SP in his blaster box. Guess we'll be making a trade. The Red Hot Ice parallel is awesome, but Topps didn't stop there. The Super Veteran inserts are some of the coolest cards I've laid eyes on in my short time collecting. I definitely cannot wait to complete that set. The mini is sort of diecut. I can only assume they will all be diecut because I only got one. 

My 2014 Series One checklist will be live soon. I'll also edit this post shortly with a link directly under this. Let's see if I can complete Series One before Series Two comes out. 

If you are interested in any particular teams dupes, just leave a comment. I'm going to need to double up the Dodgers, one for my Topps set, and and for my team set project. I'll also require additional cards from Hanley, A-Gon, Clayton, Kemp and Ethier. Pretty much all of my primary and secondary PC's.

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