Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Contest Winnings: Graded 1990 Bowman Frank Thomas Rookie Card

I won a contest over at Dodgers Blue Heaven last week, and the card arrived in the mail yesterday. I would recommend every Dodger fan check out the blog. There are constant updates regarding the Dodgers, and he highlights every Dodger card in upcoming sets. On to my prize!

A 1990 Bowman Frank Thomas rookie card. It was graded by SGC and received a grade of 96 mint. I have never owned a graded card before this one, so the grading process is a whole new concept for me. I know there are a few different graders, each with different grading scales, but not much else. I am assuming this particular card is graded out of 100. 

I am not a Frank Thomas collector, so if this card piques anybody is interest just let me know. 

Thanks for the contest Ernest! I will continue to make daily visits to your wonderful blog. 

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