Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Contest Time!

I have been collecting cards for a little over a year, and I have been blogging about them for about two months. During this time I have talked to some fantastic people. It seems like every day I am emailing a fellow blogger working out a trade, or simple talking about cards. Blogging has really made card collecting a much better experience. After all, what's the point of collecting if you can't show of your cards? 

So, I am taking a page out of a fellow bloggers book. It's Like Having My Own Card Shop was running a contest to support another fellow blogger. The contest ended today, so you won't be able to get in on it, but you will have the opportunity to get in on mine. 

My contest is nearly identical to the one above, though I will be trying to increase Dodger Penguin's followers. For those of you that haven't read Matthew's blog, you should. He posts primarily about Dodger cards, and baseballs, but he is a great guy that collects cards like the rest of us. 

The contest will run until Matthew has 50 blog followers and the rules and directions on how to enter are below. Simply leave a comment on this post after you have completed an item from the list.


  • 1 Entry for following Dodger Penguins blog
  • 1 Entry if you were already following his blog
  • 1 Entry if you post about the contest on Twitter
  • 2 Entries if you pimp the contest on your blog

You can pimp the contest on you blog or Twitter once a day until Matthew reaches 50 followers. Leave a comment with a link to said blog post or tag me on Twitter. As long as I know you did it we're all good.


1st Place: 25 Chavez Code Points + Your choice of any card from my Trade Bait + Cards from a team of your choice

2nd Place: 25 CC Points + Cards from a team of your choice

3rd Place: 10 CC Points + Cards from a team of your choice

4th Place: 5 CC Points + Cards from a team of your choice

If you are unfamiliar with the Chavez Code, please check it out here.

I plan on doing a contest similar to this every month to spread the word about fellow bloggers. Please help me out and give me a follow as well. 

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