Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Breaking a Box of Panini Select

I don't get to crack open hobby boxes very often. Working part-time while going to school full-time doesn't leave me with a whole lot of spending money after each paycheck. I usually stick to pulling out singles from my LCS, or finding good deals on eBay. 

My friend Dikran decided to buy a hobby box of 2013 Panini Select on eBay last week, and then graciously gifted the box my way. We would have both opened it, but he got called into work. 

The box contained 4 autos as you can see on the packaging, and it was split into two mini boxes. I was hoping to add to my Dodger cards, but I only pulled one Dodger. I'll highlight the hits, inserts, and PC cards below. 

These are the only four cards from the box of eighty-four, that fit into my PC. No Kemp. No Kershaw. Just these four. I'm not complaining though. Any day I can add a new card to any of my PC's is a good one. 

The box also contained 5 refractors. I was not lucky enough to pull any #'d refractors, but I did pull some cool players.

The Frank Thomas was a surprise, though he was not the only retired player I pulled. Ozzie Smith and Randy Johnson also made appearances via the base card. 

I was looking forward to the inserts from this set. After seeing a few on eBay, I was hoping to pull some Dodgers from the various inserts. I was not lucky enough to do so, but I did get some cool cards.

I don;t know why the Felix Hernandez En Fuego card came out so much more red than the others, but it is a more accurate idea of how the cards look. The En Fuego is my favorite insert, but I'll have to get my Dodgers from the internet. The Mike Trout is also a great looking card, the scan doesn't give it any justice. 

The box promised four autographs, and that's what I got. 

Yippee! I figured I wouldn't have the luck to pull anything super great, but Derrick Robinson? Straight to Trade Bait you go. At least it is #"d 61/750.

Another low-end auto. Another lousy auto #'d 329/750. Moving on.

This isn't half bad. Jedd Gyorko had a good showing as a rookie in 2013, and there are a few Padres fans out there that may be interested. This one is #'d 305/500.

I did promise you one Dodger card though. 

I am in love with this card already. It is a Gold Prizm Auto, limited to 10 copies. Scott Van Smash is one of my favorite Dodgers, for his name alone. He should get the opportunity to be the power bat of the bench for the Dodgers in 2014, but management usually fills that spot with over-the-hill players like Bobby Abreu, Marcus Thames, and Garret Anderson. This is my first SVS auto, but hopefully not the last. There is an auto of his on eBay I'm looking to snag. 

Nothing too crazy in this box, but they are nice cards. I have a large stack of base cards from seemingly every team but the Dodgers. If you are interested in any of the cards above, or any of the bases let me know. 

Thanks again Dikran, I owe you a box of cards one of these days. 

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