Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Best Kemp Card Ever?

I added this beauty to my collection over the weekend. It is #'d 188/199 and is one of the best Kemp cards in creation. The blue border just takes this already beautiful card to another level. There are 199 copies of this card, so I guess I'll be on the hunt for the other 198.

I'll be moving back to smaller posts during the weekdays. School is really starting to take a toll on me. Combine that with work and running the blog, and you can see why I've decided to take it easy.

I also landed a gig over at Pro Sports Extra as the head Dodgers writer. As if I didn't have enough to handle already, I've added this into the mix. My debut article appeared yesterday which you can check out here. Although this isn't a big time gig, it gives me enough flexibility to write at my own pace and improve my overall writing. I hope to move onto bigger things in the future, but this is a start. 

Because of my loaded schedule I feel like I've forgotten about some of those I've been trading with. If I haven't responded to an email, or if you haven't gotten a trade package just let me know. I'm not intentionally forgetting you, my mind was probably just elsewhere.

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