Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Quest For A Rainbow

I have been putting this post off for quite some time. I have no idea why, but I did. A while back I decided to put together my first rainbow. My subject was Matt Kemp of course, but I was wavering between which set to do it with. Topps Chrome or Bowman Chrome? The outcome is fairly obvious now, I chose Topps Chrome. 

However, by that time I had already bought three different refractors from Bowman Chrome. 

There really is no bad card of Matt Kemp in my mind, or anyone frankly. There are simply cards that are better than others. This falls on the the better end of the spectrum for me. The Bowman Chrome design is pretty solid, though not noteworthy. Simply another nice set. 

I felt the Topps Chrome set this year was far superior to that of Bowman Chrome. Hence, my decision to go for the rainbow the Topps Chrome route. 

However, I now have these three lonely Kemps, sitting inside penny sleeves and top loaders waiting for their colored friends to rescue them. That last sentence sounded a lot less racist in my head.....

I have decided to pursue the rainbow for 2013 Bowman Chrome, though at a slow pace. I tend to try and race to the finish whenever I set goals for myself, but the budget won't allow that. 

School has come around again, beckoning me to turn my wallet upside down and empty its contents into its corrupted hands. Textbooks are once again "updated" and more expensive then ever. I hope to keep the costs down this semester by renting the textbooks, but the budget will be tight. When school roles around, cards take a backseat. 

I started school today and even brightly colored Kemp's can't cheer me up....

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