Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adrian Beltre and Secondary PC's

2012 Bowman Platinum #149
I picked this beauty up off eBay a while ago for less than 2 bucks shipped. I thought I did a card of the day post on this a while back, but while going through my PC's today I could not find it. I usually put the card into my PC after I do a post about it, but couldn't even find the card. Turns out it was at the bottom of a stack of cards from 1990 stars that I haven't posted about yet. 

It is one of my favorite shots from 2012 Bowman Chrome, and one of my favorite Beltre cards. Nothing like a picture of a guy admiring a ball he just crushed. Pictures like this make this hobby great. 

I have updated a few more pages on the blog, most noticeably my "Who I Collect" page. I decided that I did not want to collect exclusively Dodgers a while back. You can see my new secondary player collections on the sidebar at the right. All of my secondary player collections should be up today. These cards are available for trade just like any other card I post on the blog, so if something catches your eye just let me know.

Non card rated topic. I recently downloaded Words with Friends and need some people to play with. Every time you beat me you'll get a Chavez Code point. Add me "Markle05". 

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