Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Stroke of Luck

I had work today. The Colts played playoff football today. My NFL team is the Indianapolis Colts.  I could not watch. That did not stop me from enjoying the game however, as Twitter was pretty much a play by play machine. Sounds like the Colts pulled off a helluva comeback. I guess you can say they were Luck-y. Get it! Because of Andrew Lu..... I'll show my self out now.

I did manage to catch the last three minutes or so, from the T.Y Hilton touchdown catch that put the Colts ahead for good, until the finish. Sorry Chiefs fans! Not Really

I haven't really mentioned my Colts fandom on the blog before, but I've mentioned it on Twitter a few times before today. The win sort of pumped me up and got me thinking. Why don't I have any Colts cards? 

Well, I do. I came home and have been searching for every possible card I can find.

Slim pickings. 

I own an unspectacular 12 total Colts cards. Andrew Luck wears #12 so that must mean something right?

I will showcase all 12 cards I own from the Indianapolis Colts. Though, it is sort of depressing to do so.

Three base cards from various years and various products. Not to much to see here.

A pretty cool card of Dwayne Allen in action. Something he didn't get to do much this year.

Looking sexy Reggie! I have no idea where this card came from or how I got it. It's 7 years old, so I may have pulled it from a pack years ago when I knew nothing about the hobby. 

Another Wayne. I picked this one up at my LCS last night. Didn't have much value to the owner, so it was given to me for free. I love free cards, especially when they look this good and are #'d. Probably my favorite of the dozen.

These are most likely the first Colts cards I ever owned. I used to buy packs when I was younger but lost interest in them about 10 minutes later. I'm glad I saved a lot of them in a shoe box though. I sure do love me some Peyton Manning cards, in Indy blue and white of course.

Finally, the only hit out of the bunch. Pulled this from the single pack of 2012 Bowman I bought earlier this year. I don't normally buy football cards but I needed one more pack to finish off a Target gift card. Seems like I made a good choice. 

I don't plan on posting too much football on here. I''ll probably post any hits I get, but I still don't plan on purchasing any football products. I have a few friends that do, so maybe I can convince them to throw the Colts my way. 

If any of my readers have any Colts cards lying around, I'd love to have them. I'm not too interested in the base cards, though the bases of the stars will be welcome additions to my small family of Colts cards. Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Freeney, Mathis, Hilton or any other big names will probably be my focus, but I'll probably end up collecting everything Colts. I'm sure I'll flip flop on this a thousand times, so just let me know what Colts you have. 

I would especially like to get some Andrew Luck cards. Please contact me if you have some!

Baseball posts will be back tomorrow, and boy, do I have some cards to show off.

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