Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year Means Some New Kemps

I've been entirely too busy over the past few days. That, on top of the fact that I was out of town over the weekend leaves me with a large stack of cards to get to, and time seems to be flying. I will try to combine a few posts, this being the first.

I am continuing to pick up Matt Kemp cardboard at very reasonable prices. Dodger Penguin had a great post about Kemp yesterday, you can check it out here. While you're there, be sure to give him a follow. He does a great job with his blog, and posts really cool stuff.

I have three new additions to the Matt Kemp PC, each better than the last.

The first comes from the trade I mentioned in yesterday's post. I don't think I'll do an entire post on it, but I will mention the highlights of the trade. Partly due to the fact that I mixed some of my cards up, and don't remember what came from who.

I really enjoy the black border on this card, especially because its chrome. Black borders dont tend to work out too well on standard cards, but chrome looks good. This is my first card from 2011 Bowman Chrome, but hopefully not the last. I haven't seen the checklist, but if there are more Dodgers I would love to pick them up.

Next, a purple parallel of Matt from 2012 Bowman Chrome. It's #'d 49/199, and features the Bison trotting around the base paths in what appears to be San Diego. It is hard to tell, but it looks like the center field wall at Petco to me.

Finally, we have a great looking mini relic from 2013 Topps. It's an online exclusive card, something I don't know much about, and feature Kemp in the Brooklyn helmet and what looks to be the number 42. This card is an instant favorite of my boy. 

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