Sunday, January 12, 2014

1981 Drakes Cakes

If you have taken a look at my last two posts then you know I recently took a trip to my LCS here in Fresno. The card shop is owned my a man named Matt Mossette, who coined the name Mossette's Sports Cards. Real original Matt...

I used to visit the card shop when I was younger. I would hop on my bike and ride down the street to buy a pack or two. I have since misplaced a lot of those cards, but it is still fun to think back to the trips I made. 

I am now a regular at Mossette's, though I seemingly never buy anything. His shop has a ton of cool cards, and he has a great selection of cards from California teams. Though a few too many Giants for my liking. Whenever I see something that fancies me, I am sure to ask Matt about it. I usually know about most of the Dodgers cards he has in the shop, but everything else is fair game. I came across a complete set of Drakes Big Hitters produced by Topps in 1981. 

I initially only saw the Steve Garvey card sitting on top of the 33 card stack, but soon got them all in order to discover it was the full set. The 80's were obviously a different time for card collecting. Set's were much larger, and for the most part cheaper. They also were included in other items, in this case Drakes Cakes. 

I have never bought or even seen Drake's Cakes before. I live in a town that seems to be run by Hostess and Little Debbie. Well....not so much Hostess anymore. Nonetheless, this was a pretty cool set. 

I asked him how much I would have to throw down to take them home. Luckily he let me take them for free, given I brought in more Yankees. 

So I took them home. I scanned them. And now I am showing them off in order. Enjoy!

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