Monday, November 3, 2014

Reinvigoration Part One: The Dodgers

I've been spending the past few days going through stacks and stacks of cards. I'm trying to tone down the collection and make some room, so I've been setting cards aside for a variety of people. 

Dimeboxes, Bob Walk the Plank, Plaschke, Johnny's Trading Spot, Tomahawk Empire, Andrew's Baseball Cards, A Swing and a Hit, Sportscards From The Dollar Store and others should be expecting cards from me pretty soon. I will also be getting out the rest of the contest winnings from my last contest soon as well. 

In the mean time, I will be "listing" cards on here that I am attempting to move. Feel free to comment if anything catches your eye. I am up for trading the cards, or in some cases, selling them. However, I will probably only sell the bigger lots of cards. More on that later. 

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