Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zack Attack

Lately I have been making a conscious effort to purchase less singles and inserts, and more relics and autos. For awhile it seemed like I would spend my weekly card budget on unneeded packs of cards or singles. I decided to let the base cards come to me, as most bloggers end up with extras anyways. Now I have been able to go after the "expensive" cards more frequently. 

Of course, expensive means different things to different people. As a college student, expensive can sometimes be 10 bucks depending on how many hours I worked on a given paycheck. But now that I am buying less singles, I am able to focus on some of the fun cards.

Take this sweet Zack Greinke relic from Triple Threads for example. It isn't too fancy or flashy, but neither is the Dodgers 1A pitcher. The semi-low numbering is a bonus too - this copy is #'d 12/36. Although multiple colors are always nice to see in relic cards, plain swatches like the one above work well with Triple Threads. 

This card cost me around 7 bucks shipped, not bad considering the former Cy Young's performance this season. In the past, that 7 dollars probably would have been spent on some late 2000's Matt Kemp or Clayton Kershaw base cards. I guess this is a classic case of quality over quantity. Something I plan on sticking to in my future card endeavors. 

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