Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Topps Chrome Rainbow: Andre Ethier Black Refractor

For those that didn't notice, it was a bit quiet on my blog over the weekend. My mom decided to head to Vegas for the weekend, which forced me to pack up my laptop and homework to go and watch our dogs about 40 miles away. Unfortunately, I forgot to scan any cards before heading out there which meant no posting. 

It's a moot point now, as I got back yesterday evening. Waiting for me were a few awesome packages, the first containing the sweet card you'll see below.

I was able to pick this beauty up off of the bay last week for just a few bucks. Numbered 26/100, it marks my fourth black refractor out of twelve needed for my Dodgers Topps Chrome Rainbow

For those who don't care to click on the link, or for those just too lazy, I now have 49/120 cards needed to put together the entire Topps Chrome Rainbow. That number will increase to 50 tomorrow, as I plan on showing off the lowest numbered card in my possession yet. 

P.S: I will be shipping out cards to everybody I have talked to over the past two weeks or so this Friday! Yippee! I didn't want to take this long to ship, and most of the packages are already put together, but shipping about 20 bubble mailers at one time can be quiet costly. 

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