Sunday, April 6, 2014

MEGA Trade Bait Post: The MLB Relics

I'll be breaking down my trade bait over the next few posts. ALL cards are for trade and you can always cash in your Chavez Code points. Most cards per section will cost the same, but I will mention if a specific card costs more in points. If you don't have points and aren't interested in trading you can also buy the cards outright. 

Chavez Code Leader Board: Complete Leaderboard 

If you are interested in a card or cards, leave a comment to claim it. You can then email me with any offers or we can begin a bigger trade. I'm easy, so let me know. I am more interested in clearing up space then getting fair value.

My relic game is week! :(

Tulo is 40 CC points
Maggilo is 25 CC Points

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