Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade with Reader Douglas: Picking Up Some Prospect Autos

I completed my first trade with blog reader Douglas. He approached me after last week's trade bait post and we quickly agreed to a deal. 

Most appealing to me was this clean Joc Pederson auto. Pederson is the Dodgers top prospect but is stuck behind inferior talent.This is my only Pederson auto, but hopefully more will be in the future.

Sticking with Bowman Sterling, this auto comes from Dodgers 2013 2nd round draft pick, Tom Windle. Windle will probably be on the fast track to LA as a lefty-specialist, though with the stacked bullpen there is no reason to rush him.

Greinke is my newest binder guy, though more on that later. This card was more of a throw-in on our deal, but is still an awesome card. I dig these Pastime cards, licensing or not. This bad boy is #'d 122/125.

This card put the deal over the top and is my first auto of the 2013 1st round pick. IN fact, this is my first auto that is #'d 1 out of anything. This card hails from 2013 Leaf Memories, a set I am fairly indifferent on. The card isn't too shabby, though there is nothing exciting about it. Either way, I was able to pick up a seet John Hancock of one of the Dodgers top right handers on the farm. I now have my eyes set on Zach Lee.

In addition to the sweet ink above, Douglas sent over some set needs and miscellaneous Dodgers. Thanks for the trade Douglas. 

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