Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Contest Winnings From Foul Bunt

I recently won a contest hosted by William of Foul Bunt fame.....on Instagram. That's right, the card game has moved to Instagram. William is the only card guy I follow on there, and it is refreshing to see some cool cardboard amongst endless pictures of food or cars posted by my friends. 

I'll get to the prize in a minute, but before I do I'd like to show off five new Shawn Green cards William sent along.

Man, those sketch cards truly are something else. Hopefully I'm not the only one who thinks the sketch looks reminiscent of Wil Myers. 

Carl Pavano

This was the grand prize and I actually didn't win it. Like I said, William held the contest on Instagram and posted a picture of this ball. To gain an entry into the contest you had to simply guess who signed the ball. He randomized the few names that correctly guessed Carl Pavano and I came in 2nd. The true winner declined the ball and William offered it to me. The auto is slightly faded, but overall the ball is in good shape. I'm not the biggest Pavano fan, but adding a signed ball to my collection is cool no matter the player. 

Thanks for the awesome prize William. I will be shipping cards your way this week. 

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