Monday, December 2, 2013

A Couple of IP Autos

After another trip to my LCS I came away with these two cool IP autos. The owner of my LCS, also a good friend of mine, always has a large assortment of IP autos that he has gotten here in Fresno. The Giants AAA Affiliate Grizzlies play downtown, and it is rather easy and cheap to get down to field level to grab an auto. I've never personally gotten one, but I have seen it done many times before. Theses two cards were obviously signed in different years, as it has been quite some time since Bills has been down in Albuquerque (possibly Las Vegas). The Magill auto came last season sometime in August. I got down to see one game out of a four game series when the Isotopes were in town, and the only big name I saw play was Dee Gordon. Of course he was called up the next day after Hanley injured himself flying over the wall in Chicago, but I can still say I have seen him play.  

2006 Fleer Blue Chip Prospects BC-25

2011 Bowman Prospects BP61

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